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Sunday, 15 December 2002
Truth Of ada Sears by Lurana Janes Harris Owen Stokes Hicks go to this  web page : go to this page :

Lurana janes Harris Owen Stokes Hicks is married to Nova Hicks who is cousin of Mancel Sears. Furthermore she talkto Miles Sears wrote down what he said below :{she may of gotten more information from rest of family }

Lurana Jane Stokes Owens Hicks writes.....Miles dad, Smith Sears first wife was a sister to Elson Hicks nee Harris was Melessa Hicks and they had three kids. John Sears married Nettie Forbus. Green Berry don’t know. A girl wasent right and her name was Addey and she had a son by Tommy Seaton named Mancel Sears. 1850 Census taken November 16, 1850 in Fayette County Illinois Line 270.



Lurana Jane Stokes Owens Hicks writes.....Levi Sears, married William Marable Harris’ sister and her name was Francis Jane Harris and they had thirteen children. Francis Jane Harris was borned December 24, 1822 in Hickman County Tennessee and married Levi Sears September 14, 1838. She died December 2, 1907, he died 1891, and both are buried in Liberty. Levi Sears was borned November 17, 1818 in Warren County Kentucky and died in Fayette County Illinois and married Francis Jane Harris September 19, 1839. Children: Jane Harris Sears: Smith Sears and his first wife was Ell Hicks sister Melissa Hick’s sister and their kids are John Sears and he married Nettie Forbus. When his first wife died, Smith married Isbell Cearlock and their kids are Miles and Howe. Howe died in Oklahoma. His first wife was Ong Nierrema and his second wife was Illinois Owens nee stokes and their first son borned was Billy. More Smith and Isabel kids are Arnie and she married Bill Teteis. Smith Sears deserted his family and run off with his own cousin Sally Harris and lived with her until she died and they did not have any kids: Lona married Horn: Emma never married and died in California and when Long was less than a year old: Greenberry Sears: Addie did not ever marry and she wasent right in mind but had a son named Mancil Sears: Starlin Sears who married first to Bernetta Hicks and they had two kids., Willey and Ida. Starlin’s second wife was Delia Deaton and their kids are Flora and she married Horros Moroson with no kids. Then Viola Sears married Sam Shocky with no kids. Amanda Sears never married and died in California. Tom Sears married Flo Force and their first son was Branson Sears and he married Rosie Hicks (she was the daughter of preacher Martain Hicks and Kathie Hicks nee stokes) and they had one son named Benell borned November 1914. Another child of Levi was Martha or Patty Sears who married Ellison Hicks. Their kids Fred. Eurie married Isbell: Delila Sears married James Cole and their kids are Fred, Dallas, Jess, Florie Mertrena married James Hicks son of Martain and Izzitie hicks nee Stokes: Delila Cole nee Sears: Emily married Henry Hicks and their kids Johnson Hicks and he married Ethel Cearlock. The second child of Emily and Henry Hicks Izittie Hicks a sister to Johnson Hicks. Robert Cearlock Izettie Hicks was a step mom to Johnson Hicks wife Ethel Cearlock and daughter of Robert Cearlock. They had three kids, Ethel, May and Bertha. Henry and Emily sears’ third child is Alice Hicks and she married Tobin Rhodes and another girl of them is Rebecca Hicks and she married Thomas Cearlock, a brother to Lillie fleet nee Cearlock and Thomas Cearlock is a name sake of his grand father Thomas Harris who is a brother to William marable and Benjamin. Aunt Tommie Cearlock’s mom was Martha Harris, a daughter of Tommie (Thomas). A daughter of Becca Hicks and Tommy Cearlock is Lottie that married Homer Garland. Another daughter Fairy, married John Fish and a third daughter Vena married Cecil Adams. Son of Homer Cearlock married Myrtle Meyer nee Cearlock; she was a daughter of Joe Meyer so this ends kids of Emmy and Henry: Cynthia Sears married John Meyer Senior and here are some of their kids. Lucy married Silas Hicks and her sister Lissie married Siris Hicks Twin brothers and wives are Meyer sisters and now their sister Margaret Sears married the twin boy’s dad, William Riley Hicks. Another kid of Cynthia and John is John Meyer Junior. He married Mary Sears with no kids and she was some kin to his mom Cynthia Sears.

Lurana Jane Stokes Oens Hicks writes  Diary Of Family of Bingham IL.

Posted by adasearsbinghamil at 8:15 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 15 April 2010 8:35 AM EDT
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